Christian Sacred Dance


Getting Started in Sacred Dance

Your first point of contact should be your local church. Ask the Praise and Worship leader about seminars, workshops or training that he or she may be aware of, or that your church is participating in. Another option would be to call local churches in your area to see if they have Dance Ministries, and if they hold seminars or workshops.  Churches with Active Dance Ministries

Sacred Dance Associations 

Name  Address  Membership/ Renewal Contact  Phone 
Christian Dance Fellowship of the United States (CDF-USA)  P.O. Box 822663
Dallas, TX 75382-2663
Eugene Lang
National Network Coordinator

(214) 802-3209
Christian Dance Network  311 Manor Ann Arbor, MI 48105  Joan O'Connell  (734) 662-9890

You can reach me in Austin, TX via e-mail at:

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