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Getting Started in Sacred Dance

Your first point of contact should be your local church. Ask the Praise and Worship leader about seminars, workshops or training that he or she may be aware of, or that your church is participating in. Another option would be to call local churches in your area to see if they have Dance Ministries, and if they hold seminars or workshops.  Churches with Active Dance Ministries

Sacred Dance Books/Videos 

Book Title 




Step Into His Marvelous Light 

Ruth Ann Mayer  


One Accord 

Rejoice: A Biblical Study of the Dance 

Debbie Roberts  


Revival Press 

Introducing Dance in Christian Worship 

Ronald Gagne, Thomas Kane, Robert VerEecke  


Pastoral Press 

Dance Before the Lord

Ron S. Dryden


Spring Arbor.  Also Available thru Colbert House 1-800-698-2644

The Heart of the Artist

Rory Noland



Dance Video 

Robert VerEecke  


Pastoral Press 

Devotion in Motion 

Joan Robie  


Starburst Co. 

Various Resources

  • Audio and Video Tapes - Teaching, Warmups, etc.

  • Books and CDs

  • Study Guides, Booklets

  • More

Randall Bane
Dean & Helena Thomas
David & Juliette Haddy


David's House - Randall Bane Founder/Director
P.O. Box 547291
Orlando, FLL 32854(407) 898-1368(o)
(407) 496-6913(c)

The Church Guide to Copyright Law

Richard Hammar



Women of the Bible: Longing Hearts - a dance production based on the lives of serveral women in the scriptures.     Cynthia Newland
New Trails Dance Theatre
(925) 327-0743
"King of My Heart" video
"Many of us long to express our love for God more completely. Here the Christian Dance Network offers complete instruction for one dance and encouragement for anybody seeking to expand their vocabulary with movement...dignified, personal, serene -- the dance is shown standing, sitting and in a mixed group."
Joan O'Connell    Christian Dance Network
311 Manor Drive
Ann Arbor, MI. 48105

(734) 662-9890


"The Ministry of Dance"
Operating in the Spirit of Excellence
The Next Level.
Minister Carolyn Johnson 0-615-11647-7 Breaking the Barriers Ministry Inc.
P.O. Box 1173
Merchantville, NJ 08109
(856) 486-0548
Various Books and over 20 DVDs about Worship / Prophetic Dance.


Lynn M. Hayden   Online Bookstore
(800) 787-1623
Worship Steps - Instructional praise & worship dance videos featuring fully choreographed dance demonstrated by a group of dancers in a live performance, followed by an easy to learn step by step instruction.

HipHop, Jazz, Lyrical

    Wiesiek & Dawn Pruszkowski
6575 Sunset Pines St.
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(309) 410-7623
"Dancers! Assume the Position: An Examination into Ministry through Dance"

A powerful teaching about the dancer's role in reinforcing and enabling the equipping and strengthening of the people of God.  It also examines how song and movement are strategically used by the spirit of God and how they facilitate ministry through dance.

Marlita Hill   Dancing Hill Ministries
P.O. Box 12122
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(310) 714-9966
"The Drama of Dance in the Local Church"

"What is liturgical dance?  And where does it come from?  Doe it have any scriptural foundation?  These are relevant questions discussed in The Drama of Dance in the Local Church..."

Emily A. Pardue 1-59781-373-7 Available online at,

Barnes & Noble


Info at Xulonpress (866) 381-2665 x109

Relentless In Motion - Videos on DVD Ariel Palaganas   Website
"The True Significance of Priestly Garments.  An Instructional Guide of Appropriate Attire For Today's Minister of Dance" Tabitha McGowan
DOXA International Ministries
P.O. Box 734
Suwanee, GA 30024
  EMAIL for an order form.
The Purpose of the Dance - Vol 1 Dr. Ann Higgins 978-0-595-48174-3 Barnes & Noble
I Was Born to Dance: From Topless To Top Class Dr. Ann Higgins 978-0-595-48148-4 Barnes & Noble

The Dance Leader's Handbook Vol I
Birthing & Building a Dance Ministry from God's Prospective

Angela D. Brown 978-1-4276-3376-7 EMAIL Orders

The Dance Leader's Handbook Vol II
How to Host a Creative Arts Conference In the Spirit of Excellence

Angela D. Brown 978-1-4276-3828-1 EMAIL Orders
Weapons of Mass Destruction

Armas de Destruccion Masiva
Min. Elizabeth Brown
Divine Arts Ministry
(856) 262-9583

Aardvark Global Publishing
9587 So. Grandview Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84092
Company Keepers: Dance Ministry Daily Rekesha Pittman 978-0-9820158-1-0 Reignaissance Publications
Guidelines to Starting and Maintaining a Church Dance Ministry Dr. Denita Hedgeman 978-1-6024701-9-4 Tate Publishing

Purchase at: Author's Website

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