Christian Sacred Dance


What does the Bible say about dancing unto the Lord?

These are perhaps the clearest biblical references that put dance in the context of praise. The beginning of Psalm 150 also speaks of praising God in His sanctuary.

There are other scriptural references to dance as a form of worship. If you are a man (or woman) after God's own heart, read 2 Sam 6:14 about David's behavior when he moved the Ark the second time: "And David danced before the LORD with all his might:"

If you would like to see additional references to dance movement, do a word study on "Praise," "Rejoice," "Thanksgiving," and "Joyful." You will be amazed to discover that the original Hebrew or Greek word actually described a specific movement!


What kind of dance is Sacred Dance?

Many forms of dance can be used to glorify God. I am personally comfortable using interpretive movement, pageantry, ballet, lyrical and jazz/funk. Lyrical is a contemporary style of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques with personal emotion. I extend this definition to emphasize the dancer's personal relationship with the Lord. Jazz/funk is a blend of jazz and hip hop which results in a fast-paced, contemporary form of praise.


Is training important?

I believe most Sacred Dancers, like musicians, require training to effectively minister to others. While dancing unto the Lord with an untrained, natural talent may edify the dancer, and perhaps a few who have the gift of interpretation, the majority of people will not be edified. Those who dance with a clear message speak to others for their strengthening, encouragement, and comfort. He who dances with an unclear message edifies himself, but he who dances prophetically, or with a clear message, edifies the church (1Cor 14:1-25). A Sacred Dancer must also learn what God's word says about dance. "It is not good to have zeal without knowledge" (Prov 19:2 NIV). This spiritual understanding combined with technical training prepares the Sacred Dancer to dance for the Lord.


What are the benefits of learning Sacred Dance?


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