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Privacy Policy

The Christian Dance website collects information under two circumstances: 1) when you purchase something offered for sale and 2) when you request a listing about information you wish to make known to Christian Dancers.  

What do we do with this information?

Obviously, information provided when you make a purchase is used to fulfill your order.  We save this information and might very infrequently contact you to let you know about new Christian Dance offerings from One Accord Ministries.  We do not share your purchase information with third parties.

Information you submit for a website listing is by its nature intended for broad distribution to encourage networking within the Christian Dance community.  This is the main purpose of submitting your information and hopefully you are submitting your information with the expectation of being contacted by other dancers.  Apart from what is published on the website, we do not share your information with third parties. 


You can reach me in Austin, TX via e-mail at:

This page last updated 8/25/2002.

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